About Leni Kae

Leni Kae is an Australian contemporary artist and trained colour specialist based in Sydney, Australia. Her art explores some key commonalities of the human condition – our ability to feel, think, remember and dream.

Leni Kae’s contemporary designs border on fantasy and the surreal; extending to the viewer’s sense of feeling and their energy. By integrating semiotics of shape, composition and her knowledge for colour psychology, the artist seeks to infuse subconscious and sensory triggers in her works for the viewer, or what Leni Kae refers to as “Energy Art”. Her works seeks to vibrantly interact with viewers, prompting sensory awakening, eliciting positive memories, and inviting self-evaluation.

The artist invites you to be drawn to an art piece or design, and understand not just what that work of art means, but also what the piece is trying to tell you about yourself. 

When designed or chosen for a specific setting, her artwork seeks to influence positive moods for an individual or environment, helping to create a setting that is both comfortable and liberating.

Leni Kae has exhibited internationally across New York, London, Varese, Bologna, Barcelona, Florence and locally across Australia. As an illustrator, her work has also appeared across book covers, and in magazines.

Enquiries and art gallery: lenikae@gmail.comwww.lenikae.com